What does the big five mean

The “Big Five” is a term often used in African safari tourism to refer to five iconic and highly sought-after large mammal species that are popular to observe on wildlife safaris. These animals are known for their size, strength, and difficulty to hunt on foot, which made them prized trophies among big game hunters in the past.

Is Casart Game Lodge situated in a Big 5 area ? Yes , because we have open connection with Kruger National Park.

The Big Five animals are:

  1. African Lion: Lions are often considered the king of the jungle and are known for their majestic manes. They are social predators and are usually found in prides.
  2. African Elephant: African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. They are known for their enormous size, long tusks, and distinctive trunks. There are two species: the African forest elephant and the African savanna (or bush) elephant.
  3. African Leopard: Leopards are known for their spotted coats and are often elusive and solitary. They are excellent climbers and swimmers and are known for their adaptability.
  4. African Buffalo: African buffaloes, also known as Cape buffaloes, are large, powerful herbivores. They are known for their strong herding behavior and can be quite aggressive when threatened.
  5. African Rhinoceros: The Big Five includes two species of African rhinoceros—the black rhinoceros and the white rhinoceros. Rhinos are known for their thick, armored skin and distinctive horns. Unfortunately, both species are critically endangered due to poaching for their horns.
Big five

It’s important to note that the term “Big Five” is now primarily used in the context of wildlife tourism and conservation and no longer implies hunting. These animals are highly prized by safari enthusiasts and wildlife photographers for their majestic presence in the wild. Conservation efforts are in place to protect these species, especially the rhinoceros, from the threat of poaching and habitat loss.

Sunrise in Kruger National Park

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